There are many ways to go about writing an Administrative Assistant Resume. It is important to first realize that all of the skills listed here will directly relate to the type of position you seek to fill. If you are seeking a position in a corporate office, the work experience will certainly be different from those seeking entry-level positions in small businesses or restaurants. Your accomplishments and work history will also be different than if you were working as a Realtor. In this article, we will consider some basic tips for creating a professional resume and cover letter.

The first of our Administrative Assistant resume examples considers your educational background. You must list all of the schools you attended, including all of your years of study. You must also provide a brief description of each school’s course titles, the year you graduated, and the focus of your curriculum. If you were able to retain a job in your field upon graduation, be sure to note this as well.

The next part of the Administrative Assistant Resume examples will discuss your work history. Highlight all of the tasks and responsibilities you completed during your time with your previous employers. You may have had your duties performed by other staff members during this time, or you might even have been responsible for clerical errors that were committed by other employees. Highlight all of the clerical errors you had been responsible for on your application or on your resume.

Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Administrative Assistant Resume examples also usually mention your role in a previous company’s CRM data entry program. You may have taken a number of clerical duties in this department, or you may have been responsible for a large number of data entry tasks. Whatever your specific accomplishments, these should be highlighted. This information can be used in a number of ways. To start, it can make you appear much more qualified for the position you are applying for; it can also help your prospective employer to determine if you are the right person for the position.

1. Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Sample
Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

One of the easiest ways that employers can evaluate you when they are reviewing your Administrative Assistant Resume examples is by looking at your work history. If you have a detailed description of the tasks and responsibilities you were responsible for while with your previous employer, this can serve as proof that you were able to hold your own while working under their supervision. However, if your work history is simply listed in order, it will make your resume look like it is written by someone who was simply working at a temp agency.

What about your educational background? This, too, can help them assess whether or not you are the right candidate for the administrative assistant job description. Most entry-level positions do not require formal college training, although some companies do expect candidates to have at least a high school diploma. Make sure, however, that you list your formal education first on your resume so potential employers know what to expect from you. A college degree or certificate can be a great help when you are trying to show prospective supervisors that you are serious about pursuing an administrative career.

2. Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Sample
Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Even if you have all of the proper credentials, there are still some important factors that your potential employer will need to see when reviewing your office assistant resume resumes. The summary section is usually the place where you present your personal achievements, but you should also take the time to highlight any supervisors or other contacts that worked with you during your years at another company or in your current job. Remember, it never hurts to draw attention to any special skills or traits that you may possess that will be beneficial to the department you are applying for. For example, if you were an expert in technology or software, these things could show up in your resume summary.

3. Action Verbs For Administrative Assistant Resumes

Leading a Team or ProjectDesigned or CreatedAchievementsAssistance
Keywords for Administrative Assistant Resumes

After you have written your summary, you should summarize everything in the job ad. This should be done in chronological order, beginning with the most recent. You can also indicate whether you will be applying to one or several departments. If you are targeting a specific geographic area, make sure that your job ad includes that information as well. This is a good way to ensure that you target a specific group of employees and that you are not wasting your time applying to the wrong places. Finally, save your office assistant resume summary for two weeks before you submit it.